Crow Creek – A Bettendorf Tale Book 2

“And into the woods, you must go. . .”

All is quiet now in the sleepy town of Bettendorf,  but darkness remains. For though Jack Davies and his friends may have won the first battle, the war has only just begun.

Having defeated the Devils of the Glen, Jack wishes for nothing more than to go back to his normal teenage life. Unfortunately, fate has other plans for him. Jack must travel out of Bettendorf and enter the mysterious land known only as The Woodland of Weird, where he will face his greatest challenge against powers both dark and light–for evil does not live only in the shadows.

Brother Jones’s army of undead is on the move, now led by a powerful girl with plans of her own. She has her sights set on Jack’s friends, Shaun and Joe. Randy Wall’s arm, wounded by Surgat, leaves him wrestling in his mind with the demon for possession of his soul. Lara Fanning, now a vampire, must find her way through the Woodland of Weird before the evil Griselda can locate her. What she discovers on her journey will change her life forever. Mark and Jennifer Warren are forced to choose between the safety of their home and the dangers of the woods to rescue the one girl who saved them both.

And out there waiting for all of them is a vile creature of nightmares, known only as–The Dreadman.

After this journey, nothing will ever be the same again. . .