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    5 French Extreme Films to See…if You Dare!

    Recently, on Cinescare Horror Podcast, we reviewed the horror genre known as French Extreme. If you are interested in these films, check out our episode at the Cinescare website. New French Extreme, New French Extremity, French Extreme–whatever you want to call it–is one of the most vibrant and controversial subgenres in all of horror. Its name alone promises revolutionary art house narrative, combined with visceral violence, and something unsettling, maybe disturbing, that feels at once exhilarating and dangerous. These are films that stick with you like bad memories, conjured up every-so-often when we talk to fellow horror-philes who, like you, have walked a little too close to the precipice of…

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    Cinescare is Growing!

    Hey all! First, sorry once again for the weird spam emails. I’ve been working on my website this past weekend, and I have had a devil of a time straightening out a new template. Unfortunately, I activated the template too soon (twice), which released all the fake posts in the templates as if they were new posts. So, those of you who subscribe to my newsletter/website were inundated with several ‌bizarrely written emails. Hopefully, it wasn’t too frustrating for you and you could get a chuckle or two out of it. I believe I’ve gotten most of this stuff sorted, so we should be good for now. CINESCARE! If you…