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Tahoe Trip and Prime Day

Michelle and I finally got to take our honeymoon last month and I have to say it was amazing, though it seriously needed to be longer. Seven days in Lake Tahoe is just not enough–I want to go back now! The scenery was mind-blowing and staying in a cabin on the lake is just crazy fun. The photo above was taken at Sugar Pine Point State Park, which was about ten minutes from our cabin. The water in Lake Tahoe is crystal clear, almost like you’re in Hawaii or the Carribean. 

We got to do a little kayaking and a whole lot of hiking up and down the hills and through the forests. Not far away, there is a little lake called Fallen Leaf with a waterfall close by that runs into it. They had so much snow and rain this past winter, beautiful waterfalls were pouring tons of water down the mountains.

I was on a mission to see a bear, having heard how plentiful they are in that area. My camera was kept handy at all times and we both had our eyes peeled, but unfortunately, we didn’t spot any on this trip. It was our only disappointment.

We did our share of relaxing too. Having a dock all to ourselves was great, though the water was freezing! Anyway, I highly recommend putting Tahoe on your bucket list, if you’re looking for a place to spend some quality time out in nature.

Amazon Prime Day Sales

Amazon is having their Prime Day sale today, Jully 11th. There will be some great deals on all kinds of books–Kindle and paperback. It will also be the last day to get Devils Glen on sale for .99 cents. There’s a whole host of other Kindle Press books for sale as well, so don’t forget to check it out here.

Crow Creek

Though Tahoe was great, I didn’t get as much writing done as I would have liked. The idea of writing while staying in a cabin in the woods sounds great in theory, but it’s pretty hard to do in practice. There are just too many distractions in a place like that.

Still, I managed to get a little done and I’ve been working hard since we got back into town, so I’m not too far behind schedule. I’m still shooting for an early 2018 release–probably around March, like Devils Glen. I’m happy with where the story is going right now, though it has taken a few turns I wasn’t expecting.

Bettendorf Book Signing 

I will be coming back to Bettendorf for a special book signing in mid-October. I’m not 100% on the dates yet, but I will know more once I get things solidified with a few people. Keep an eye on Facebook and I’ll let you know within the next week when and where I will have it.

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