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The Last House Trailer and Pre-Launch!

We’re only a week away from the official launch of my Kickstarter campaign for The Last House, on February 11th!

The pre-launch is now underway! Head HERE to check out the details. And please click the NOTIFY ME button! That way, when the campaign goes live, you’ll get a notification reminding you. It will also help boost our page in whatever algorithm Kickstarter uses to display upcoming projects. So, even if you don’t plan to pledge to the project, please help out by clicking the NOTIFY button.

I created a nice variety of pledge tier rewards for your perusal—hopefully you’ll find something that interests you once the campaign goes live. In addition to copies of the book, you can get t-shirts, pins, CD’s, your name in the acknowledgements, a character in an upcoming book named after you, and one of you can even have the entire book dedicated to you!

And check out the trailer Michelle and I created for the project. I was fortunate to get Midnight Syndicate, one of my favorite horror music groups, to lend me a track for the soundtrack. If you’ve never checked out their music, look them up on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, or whichever streaming service you use. Their music creates a great background atmosphere for Halloween parties—or a horror-themed Kickstarter campaign. One of the pledge rewards will be their fantastically creepy CD, The 13th Hour!

Please like and share the trailer on YouTube!!


The campaign will officially launch on Tuesday, February 11th. When it does, just go to my Kickstarter page and pick the pledge tier that you can afford. That’s it! Please share the page with all your friends on whichever social media platform you use most. I don’t need huge pledges from people if we can get lots and lots of smaller ones.

Thanks! I’ll post again once the campaign officially goes live.

One thought on “The Last House Trailer and Pre-Launch!”

  1. Mary Rossmiller says:

    Love it! It will be exciting and creepy! I have enjoyed your other novels!

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