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Devils Glen New Cover!

Hey all! Devils Glen has had a mini-relaunch with a new cover and a new edit. No major changes have occurred to the story, but I have cleaned things up a little. Here’s the new cover:

I love the mood, and the thumbnail definitely pops on Amazon. This week, we’re running a promo! The Kindle version will be FREE from Tuesday April 16th through Thursday April 18th, so tell your friends who haven’t read it yet and get a free copy today!

Bettendorf Tales

It will be a while longer before anything new comes out in the Bettendorf Tales. I’m putting the plot together and outlining—and taking my time doing both. I’ve had my hands full working on my current project, The Last House and a couple other things, but I promise I’ll get back to Jack and his friends as soon as I can.

The Last House

I’m sure that title will change now that the book is further along in development. I haven’t settled on anything yet, but I feel a new title sitting on the tip of my brain, just waiting to spring on me. I’m excited about this book—I feel like it’s my best writing so far. As I said before, I’m planning to send this one out to agents this summer. It’s got potential to be fantastic!

Stuff in the Works

I’ve got another project or two in the works and a potential announcement to make soon, so hang around. As always, thank you for the continued support!

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