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Rough Drafts and Refunds

Hey all! Hope you’re all making it through this crazy winter. Out here in Southern California it’s not so bad, but our friends and family in the Midwest have had it tough. I’m thinking about you guys!

Last House Update—Cheers!

As you know if you’re following me on Facebook, I’ve finished the rough draft of my next novel, The Last House, and am letting it sit on the back burner for some weeks while I work on another project. Those of you who pre-ordered it on Inkshares will receive refunds this week. I only put the book up on Inkshares to enter it in the 2018 Horror Novel Contest.

What’s next? I will get back to working on the next draft by mid-April and I plan to query it out to agents as soon as I’ve got a solid draft ready. It may be quite some time before you get to read it, but I’ve got high hopes for this one.

Bettendorf Tales 3

In the interim, I’ve begun work on part 3 of the Bettendorf Tales. I’m calling it The Woods for now, but other titles are kicking around in my brain too. With this book, I’m bringing the series to a mini-conclusion, for lack of a better term. It won’t be the end of the series, but the story will wrap up a certain aspect of Jack Davies’ journey. I fully intend to add more stories to this series, but I have several ideas for other books in the pipeline—my computer’s desktop is a smattering of future project files—so it might be awhile before I return to these characters.

Reading Recommendations

Last month, I read a mystery/thriller called Final Girls, by Riley Sager. It’s a quick read and an engaging little mystery about two girls who each survived attacks by serial killers.

Fantasticland by Mike Bockoven. Another quick and engaging read. Some scary moments along with a few things that stretched believability for me. Good for anyone who likes dystopian thrillers.

Reading: The Nightmare Room by Chris Sorensen. A spooky haunted house type of story with some twists and turns. I think it’s supposed to be a series, so we’ll see how it goes. This one is another quick read, and it’s given me the chills a few times, so try it.


Michelle and I watched Hell Fest last weekend. It’s a nifty little slasher set at a Halloween haunt theme park. Some great music and atmosphere, along with a menacing killer in a terrific mask. Surprisingly effective!

Well, that’s all I can say for now! Some big announcements may come in the next few months, but until then pick up one of my other books if you’ve yet to do so, including the short story collection The Edge: Infinite Darkness with Patrick Reuman, which contains my first published short story, Morgan’s Girl.

Have a great weekend!


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