Hey everyone! I’ve got some exciting news to share with you. I’ve been working on my new book, The Last House, for some months and I’m about halfway finished. I received word through the Horror Writer’s Association of a contest for horror novels put on by Inkshares. 

I decided to enter my book into this thing. I’ve never used Inkshares before, but from what I gather, it’s sort of a crowd-funding website for authors. I’m not a huge fan of the traditional publishing road, but I do recognize the benefits of having an actual publisher, so this seems like a good fit. The difference between my Kindle Press experience with Devils Glen compared to self-publishing Crow Creek was huge.

The previous winner of this contest, Scott Thomas’ Kill Creek, was a huge success–a TV show based on the book is currently in development at Showtime!

I’m asking everyone to please go to my page on the Inkshares website HERE, follow me, and pre-order The Last House.

There are three tiers of ordering. The first is ten dollars and will get you the e-book and unlimited access to my updates as I go through the writing process. You’ll see first hand all the craziness of writing, editing, re-writing, re-editing, a novel.

For twenty dollars you get everything in tier one, plus a copy of the paperback.

For sixty dollars, you get everything from tiers one and two, plus your name will appear in the back of the book!

And not to worry. If I don’t win a contract, you will be refunded in full.

The Last House is not related to my Bettendorf Tales books. Set in the rolling hills outside Maquoketa, Iowa, this book follows the lives of Steve and Mara Spain as they move into a home they’ve built in the woods, hoping to escape their troubles. Unfortunately, the desired solitude of this new house is but a mirage and they soon find they are not alone.

Below is a video that shows you a little more about the Inkshares contest:

2019 is going to be a big year! As always, with your help, we can make it happen. Please, like and share my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts–and please go to the Inkshares website and pre-order The Last House.

The contest runs through December 14th, so be prepared to see me bombarding social media with promos. Sorry in advance!