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Pre-order Crow Creek!

Crow Creek, book 2 of the Bettendorf Tales, is now available for pre-order for the Kindle version. Get over there to order your copy today, and it will be delivered to your Kindle account on May 29th. It would be great to see a massive surge in pre-sales to drive those Amazon algorithms crazy. Go HERE to pre-order your copy! Spread the word. The more pre-orders a book gets, the higher chance it has of winding up on Amazon/Kindle promos and emails.

Paperback pre-orders will begin within the next couple of weeks. For the time being, Crow Creek is Amazon-exclusive, but I do intend to expand distribution in the coming months. If you are with a library, message me, and we can work out getting your library some copies in the meantime.


I continue to work with my editor on the final finishing touches, and it’s looking good. I think this book moves along briskly with some good action and a nice pace. It really sets up the storyline for book 3. There’s still a bit of work to be done, but  I can say I’m starting to get excited about releasing Crow Creek. We’re not there yet but getting close, which is a good thing since I have a deadline now!


Today is the last day to get a Kindle version of Devils Glen for .99 cents! After today, it goes back to 3.99. It’s been a nice promo from Kindle Press with a good increase in sales this past week.


If, like me, you’re waiting around impatiently for Game of Thrones final season and you’re looking for something to watch, here are my five current favorites. Most of these can be binged on one of the streaming services, or On Demand. All of these shows feel like nothing else on TV. Check them out!

  1. Legion – FX- Crazy…and crazy good. It’s like David Lynch made a superhero show. Brought to you by the same people who make the TV Fargo.
  2. Handmaid’s Tale-HULU- coming back for season 2 on April 25th. If you haven’t seen season 1, you must. It’s incredible television and well worth the Hulu subscription.
  3. The Terror-AMC-a limited series. It’s like Master and Commander meets Alien. Just my cup of tea.
  4. Silicon Valley-HBO-Consistently the funniest thing on TV.
  5. Riverdale-CW-OK, it’s pretty over-the-top and a guilty pleasure for sure, but still a lot of fun. It’s a hint of 90210, a little Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and a sprinkle of Twin Peaks, all rolled into one.


Please please please rate and review Devils Glen on Amazon HERE and/or Goodreads!! Those things help a ton!

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