Thank you all for ordering Devils Glen this past week. The numbers so far have been fairly strong, I think, for a debut novel. I couldn’t be happier that people are finally getting a chance to read it. It’s been an exciting week and I’m hoping the momentum keeps building.

Also, thanks to those of you who have written reviews on Amazon and Goodreads; those things are very helpful. I appreciate you taking your time to do that. And thanks also for the shares and posts on Facebook, as well as the fantastic word of mouth that’s been generated, recently. It’s been cool to read comments about the book from people I’ve never even met.

Book Signing at Dark Delicacies

For those of you in the Los Angeles area, I’ll be conducting my first book signing at Dark Delicacies on Magnolia Blvd in Burbank, on Sunday, April 30th, at 4:00 pm. If you’re free, please come by and see us. If you’ve never been there, Dark Delicacies is an awesome bookstore, dedicated to horror and the supernatural. It’s a Burbank institution, so come check it out and get your book signed! I’ll have more details in the coming weeks.

Kindle Scout Anniversary Sale

Amazon is doing a promotion this week to commemorate the two-year anniversary of Kindle Scout. All books published through Kindle Scout will be on sale for only .99 cents. So, if you haven’t purchased Devils Glen on Kindle, check it out. You can browse all the KS books here.

Crow Creek

The rough draft of Book 2, Crow Creek, is well underway and I’m thrilled about where it’s headed. One of the interesting parts of writing a book is seeing how things develop, organically. I do have a skeleton of an outline, or at least an idea of where I’m going, but the story seems to find ways to go off on its own, in directions I never intended.

I’m not sure how that works, exactly, but it’s a fascinating part of the process. Things just pop into my mind while I’m writing, instantaneously, and I just go with it. Sometimes I’m not happy with what I’ve done, so I have to go back and fix things, but often I find myself liking the changes and incorporating them into the bigger picture. That’s what the rough draft is all about; just getting the words out and dealing with the consequences later.

Not sure if any of you find this stuff interesting. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to know more about the process, or not.

Thanks again for all your support!